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When the user registers at (With Facebook) or (by Email) Web site administration only, Can see the user, Which is registered on the website, The administration can, Registered user information, In particular, See name and surname, And if the customer wants to buy the product, In this case, the user adds his actual address, Because of Geotobring The on-site delivery service is free and the product purchased from us, We bring it to your address. If you purchase a product on the website, the administration can see it, User email address, For example: Phone number, name, surname and address!

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If you do not receive the parcel with the condition, quantity, color, size or technical damage described in the description, you must contact us as soon as you receive the item and send us a photo or video confirming the damage, this is only possible within 24 hours. Within 3-5 days after returning the item, Geotobring Ltd. will reimburse the item or replace the item.